Zoom Pie, affectionately known as Zombie Pie, emerges as a regal representative of the indica lineage—a fusion of the formidable potency found in Blue Zombie and the vibrant flavors and hues of Cherry Pie. In this botanical union, nature paints a masterpiece of blue and purple foliage, saturated with the intoxicating fragrance of tart cherries intertwined with the pungent skunky notes of fuel.

This enigmatic strain serves as both a culinary delight and a wellspring of euphoria, perhaps nurtured by the subtle presence of the recessive African landrace, Durban Poison, nestled within Cherry Pie‘s embrace. As you indulge in Zoom Pie, prepare for a journey of stress annihilation, the easing of physical discomfort, and the lifting of melancholic shadows. Yet, a word of caution—the heavy hand of sedation may descend upon the body when one dares to partake generously. It is within this union of strains, curated by the skilled breeder known as Tank, that Zoom Pie thrives as a testament to nature’s artistry and a gateway to moments of serenity and delight.

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