Bhang Northern Lights, an enchanting indica strain, traces its lineage back to the illustrious Northern Lights, a singular parentage of note. This botanical gem hails from the United States, where it unfolds its captivating palette of flavors, characterized by earthy undertones entwined with hints of spice, herbal notes, and the subtle embrace of woodiness.

In the realm of wellness, Bhang Northern Lights assumes the role of a benevolent ally, particularly for those grappling with anxiety, migraines, ADD/ADHD, asthma, and the burdens of fibromyalgia. Its therapeutic touch extends to those wrestling with insomnia, stress, melancholy, waning appetite, or vexing muscle spasms, offering solace and relief to those in need.

When ignited and inhaled, this strain weaves a tapestry of emotions, casting a spell of happiness, serenity, euphoria, inspiration, and artistic inspiration upon its fortunate recipient. However, as with all enchantments, there are caveats, and Bhang Northern Lights may bestow the occasional gift of moderate dry eyes and a similarly moderate parched sensation in the mouth.

For those who embark upon the noble endeavor of cultivating this strain, they shall discover that this botanical marvel requires a span of approximately 47 flowering days during its bloom cycle, promising bountiful yields as the fruits of their labor.

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